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Got three Projects developed:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Internet of Things (IoT)
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What we do 🤔

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This is the only Free Marketplace across the globe, to hire low-cost curated Developers & Coders, on Contract, exclusively for Apps & 10 Futuristic Technologies.

Good-bye to Paid Subscription, Enterprise plans, Tiered Pricing etc | Further, no dispute-prone hourly-hiring plans | IPRs safe.

Employers don't pay us anything to get their Software/ App developed through Developers registered on this Marketplace | Pay only the development cost charged by the Developer, transparently | Easy cancellation & Refund | Not satisfied > change Developer @ Zero cost.

We would like to summarize ourselves as the ‘Technology Matchmakers’!
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It’s Free | Post profile for unlimited duration & Quote for unlimited number of Projects.

Say good-bye to Restrictive & Complex Paid Subscription plans, Buying Credits/ Tokens to Quote, Tiered Pricing etc.

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Future of Work | The Office is Dead 🙇🏻‍♂️

(source: NAS Daily Video 3 min Disclaimer: Conclusions are personal and may not be intended to be communicated by the originator of video.

Large Corporates

With changed dynamics, businesses realised recurring office-related costs are draining company profits; ‘Cost saved is Revenue Earned’.
Office rental, Employee Provident Fund/ Pension Scheme/ Medical Insurance, Reimbursements, Earned/ Paid Leave expense, Gratuity, Training, Team Building, Refreshments, HR staff cost, & more...

MSME (Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise)

Democratisation of technology: These organisations would also need to stay relevant in tech.
Cannot afford hiring & then keep re-skilling talent, every 18 to 24 months.

Therefore, two things got accentuated

Gig Economy | No office, Remote Jobs, De-congested Cities, Remote Talent.
Adoption of 4IR technologies (4th Industrial Revolution) | By Corporates, of all sizes, in the Gig way

Work/ Hire Remotely   Stay Safe!

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Be Future-Ready | Get Re-skilled/ Up-skilled 🏃🏻‍♂️

(source: Dukascopy TV Video 2 min Disclaimer: Conclusions are personal and may not be intended to be communicated by the originator of video.

75 Million Jobs would vanish ☹️

But, 133 Million new jobs would get created 😊

Every person would need to replace 42% of his/ her current skill-set, to remain relevant in the Job Market (almost half).
Therefore, there is a need to ‘Re-Skill’ & ‘Up-Skill’.

Above had been one of the underlying genesis of creating this Marketplace - To encourage and motivate Developers to get skilled &/ or up-skilled, in the 10 Futuristic technologies &, become future-ready for the Jobs of this decade!

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