#1 Free Marketplace - The Journey

We conceived this Online Free Marketplace, to provide a dedicated platform that connect Employers across the world (having need to offshore software development) with MSME companies into software development (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises) in India, Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia, focused exclusively in Game, Blockchain, FinTech Programming, Custom Android/iOS apps & other futuristic technologies.

It endeavours to:

  • 1. Deliver the best App/ Software product, at the lowest possible cost.
  • 2. Give Remote Work to offshore software Development Companies
  • 3. Un-lock the potential of the Outsourcing Economy | Work/ Hire Remotely        Stay Safe!
  • 4. Facilitate fruitful, long-lasting and productive work-relationship between the MSME / Developer & its Employer.
  • 5. Enable Employers/ companies to enhance P&L Bottom-line by curtailing recurring cost-drain through:
    • a. Office rental
    • b. Employee Provident Fund/ Pension Scheme
    • c. Employee Medical Insurance
    • d. Earned/ Paid Leave expense
    • e. Gratuity
    • f. Training & Team Building expenses
    • g. Refreshments & Reimbursements
    • h. Associated HR, Admin & Finance staff cost


Since humungous work potential exists in these futuristic technologies, there was a need to aggregate the demand & supply, for convenient & quick harnessing of MSME / Developer Talent, by the willing Employers.


Further, and more importantly, we attempt to encourage and motivate MSME / Developers to get skilled &/ or up-skilled, in these futuristic technologies, to ensure that their skill-sets remain relevant to remote work & opportunities of this decade.


This Online Free Marketplace is unique in many ways:

  • 1. It deals exclusively in Apps & 10 Technologies of the Future, for which we coined an acronym - ‘ABC RIGVEDA’
  • 2. It follows a unique model of Free4 Pay:
    • a. This is to ensure that both MSME / Developer and Employer, are not forced to dish out money for every step they take towards Project outsourcing/ Gig working/ Contract based employment.
    • b. There are no hidden charges or fees to Quote or upload Profiles/ Projects or select Profiles, restrictive & complex Paid Plans, Enterprise plans, Tiered Pricing etc.
    • c. This gives tremendous freedom and removes hiccups to adopting the model, both for MSME / Developers and, Employer.
  • 3. Remote Contract-based Employment:
    • a. Future Tech Lancer enables the Employers to Outsource their software development projects to offshore software development companies in India, Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia for Game, Blockchain, FinTech and custom Android/ iOS Apps.
    • b. Many MSME / Developers would like to work from small towns due to family or personal constraints but Remote work in these advanced technologies exist only in select metropolitan cities, Business and Financial hubs, that too, primarily in, Western and European Countries.
    • c. We precisely bridge this gap, giving freedom to the MSME / Developer to work and earn from anywhere, thereby creating Remote Work opportunities.
    • d. Covid, as a silver-lining, has accentuated adoption of this model.
  • 4. It follows simple ‘Fixed Time & Price’ based Milestone Contract, instead of hiring-on-an-Hourly basis, which is not only more expensive but, also dispute-prone.


The Journey started in Oct 2018 when this Idea was conceived, product got conceptualised and was designed on a Paper. It followed an assiduous journey of 13 months to finally launch this online Free Marketplace for Offshore Software Development with integrated Text/ Audio/ Video Chat functionality, on 23rd Nov 2019.


Four months later Covid lock-down engulfed the world. But, we are elated to announce, we are going ahead even stronger, with prompt and active Registrations. Below Pie-Chart speaks about itself 😊


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Free Marketplace Launched: 23rd Nov 2019

Data: Launch - 31st Mar 2021

What we Do

Brainchild from

The Traveller

The concept was conceived, designed & launched by Pawan. He has more than 25 years of experience, having worked in Technology companies, at C level. Few of his notable past assignments have been Business Head at Reliance Jio (News in Media), COO & CTO of a National ISP, independent consultant in Istanbul, Turkey, and more.

He has been fortunate to have lead wide spectrum of corporate functions from Business to Technical/ Support viz, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Projects, Technology, Legal, Finance and HR.

His last 10 years have been purely in Start-Up Companies, as he finds the environment conducive to personally contributing hands-on, thereby grooming oneself too, with a steep learning curve.

He has had an illustrious academic record having been a merit student and is a Gold Medallist in Engineering. He did his full-time residential MBA from MDI, Gurgaon and is also M.Sc. in Strategic Studies from Madras University.

Pawan is a keen Golfer and some of his other interests include Investing and Intra-Day Stock Trading.

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